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We are the Four Corner’s premier Social Security disability advocacy group.



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stars 5

Jason Eley is an outstanding attorney, he takes pride in his work and definitely went above and beyond for my husband's social security disability case."

Krystle Welling

stars 5

“Mr. Hatfield represented me in two different cases. His attention to detail and the level of care was top notch. He treated me with the utmost respect and understanding; I highly recommend his services.”

Grace D

stars 5
"Mr. Eley provided approximately 30 minutes of his time for a consultation without charge. He asked detailed probing questions which helped clarify my rights. I couldn't have asked for more."
Gary Skiba

stars 5

"My colleagues and I were experiencing a hostile and unsafe work environment. I stepped up and contacted Jason Eley. When I presented my facts to Jason, he had reassured me that these companies practice was indeed unsafe and the management was hostile with discrimination practices. Jason presented a strong case to the employer to which they disputed any wrongdoing. Jason presented a strong case. With these actions, Jason has presented to the employer to make changes within there company"


stars 5

“Christian is a badass.”

Michael H.